5 Steps to A Powerful Value Proposition

How to create a powerful value proposition that sells in 5 steps.    In my day-to-day work with brokers and firms in commercial real estate, associations across multiple industries, and professional service firms, I’m often asked how to develop a powerful value proposition. They–whether an individual, firm, or association–are confident in the value they bring,…

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5 Steps to Launch A Daily Power Hour (Part 2)

A game-changer. That’s the best way to describe my daily power hour. In my post last week, I shared with you how I instituted a daily Power Hour to take time to focus on strategizing for growth and actions that will move my business forward. In the past few weeks, this process has provided me…

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Your Power Hour (Part 1 of 2)

You’re busy making deals, closing sales, prospecting, calling, etc. Who has time for this so-called “power hour”? As the president and founder of a marketing company with CRE broker and company clients across the country, I am right there with you. I get it because I see it. Things are happening non-stop. Bam. Bam. Bam….

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Social Media for commercial real estate brokers series

3 Ways to Hack Your LinkedIn Presence in 2019

You know it. You know you should be more active on LinkedIn with daily postings and you’ve wanted to do so, but you just haven’t had time. We get it. You’re busy making things happen and sometimes your LinkedIn presence and visibility can suffer.

To make real progress, social media requires consistency and daily commitment. Here are three ways to hack your LinkedIn presence for a more successful 2019.

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