3 Proven Ways to Achieve Better Results From Your Marketing Efforts

3 Proven Ways to Increase Results From Your Marketing Efforts 

How to increase results and leads from your marketing. 


Where art thou 2019?

Like me, you probably can’t believe the first half of the year is gone, just like that!

Looking at the fourth quarter, the upcoming holiday breaks, and your pipeline, you’re likely wondering…


“How do I increase my results & leads?”


In this article, we will explore three proven ways to increase results and leads from your marketing efforts to finish 2019 strong!

And…start 2020 off right. 


In an attempt to find the elusive magic formula to increase results and leads, many brokers launch into a flurry of activity.

They start producing dozens of videos walking here and there a-la-Aaron Sorkin, posting on LinkedIn dozens of times a day, and sending out a dozen emails a month, but results have remained as elusive as the magic formula.


So, what to do? 


The first thing is to be clear on the difference between marketing, branding, prospecting, and selling. These are not all the same thing. 

Once you have the differences clear, the key is to create a cohesive program that works together in synergy to further your business objectives.

No matter how much sales success you’ve had, these disciplines–marketing, branding, prospecting, and selling– all remain independent of each other.

If you’ve been successful by just implementing one or two, imagine the growth you can achieve by implementing them in a cohesive and automated program!




The CRE Hub ARC Process

  • Automation
  • Relevant High-Value
  • Constancy


Automation is essential otherwise you will spend more hours producing more content and even more hours getting it out there. Start by automating your outreach and creating drip campaigns.

The advantage is that you can create your campaigns by target market ahead of time and schedule them out in a series.

This ensures you are staying in touch with your prospects, clients, and influencers on a regular basis for months in advance.

  • One of our favorite quickstart email automation platforms for e-newsletters and e-promos is Constant Contact. We like Constant Contact because it allows for design flexibility, has great reporting, and is easy to implement. 
  • Another favorite for use with our clients is GetResponse. One step more advanced than Constant Contact, Get Response allows for user friendly development of ready-made funnels and campaigns, and CRM integration. 
  • And of course, there’s Mailchimp. A definite starter program that offers a quick way to create basic e-newsletters, they’ve been making some upgrades allowing for more sophisticated segmentation and CRM integration.  

There are many options for creating great drip campaigns. For CRE brokers, we recommend looking at the type of campaigns you want to create first, and then looking for the tools that will fit your needs. 

Many industry services such as CREXI and Realnex, allow for CRM integration allowing you to track your property marketing campaigns by contact.

However, they are not ideal for development and sending e-newsletters and other e-promos. What we often do is connect the links from the email campaigns to our customer’s preferred platform so they can track their flyer downloads and access the lists as needed.  



Relevant value to your audience is the key. If you are not offering relevant high-value content (HVC), information, and opportunities, why would they consider you?

When developing any kind of content, be sure it is written specifically for that audience and their needs.

I often see generic e-newsletters and blog or social media posts that are interesting and achieve general engagement, but they are not geared toward the broker’s target audience. So while the delivery may be consistent, if the content is not of high-value to your target audience, your results will not be what you expect. 


Constancy is the clincher–it’s what helps you stay top-of-mind. With so much going on, it is essential to maintain presence and visibility with your prospects and clients.

One of the easiest ways to do that is through e-newsletters. E-newsletters allow you to achieve presence, offer high-value content, and more importantly, remain relevant to your client. They also offer an excellent opportunity to update your clients on your most recent successes such as closings, listings, published articles, new hires, etc.

Once you have created an automated campaign, with relevant high-value content, and planned your regular schedule to ensure constancy, you can go back to creating as many videos and posts as you want because you’ll have the business of getting business taken care of for 2019 and beyond! 


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