Show Your Social Media BAE (Before Anyone Else) Some Love [Infographic]


All CRE brokers know that now, more than ever, establishing, developing, and growing a presence on social can make a big difference on whether or not you, your team, or your firm stand out from the crowd and all the noise. But there is one thing that should be your BAE (Before Anyone Else) that you must get right on social media…

and that’s your target audience.

All brokers start with LinkedIn but they want to be on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., everywhere because everybody, especially Gary V (who is the best in the biz),  and everyone else is talking about all of the things they are doing on social media but remember, their objective is different than yours because you’re a broker and they are not. They’re trying to sell social media services while you’re trying to sell/lease commercial real estate. They need to be all over social media…you don’tYou need to be where your audience is.

To get to where they–your target audience–are, we need to know who they are demographically and psychographically.

Once you’ve gotten the demographics down on paper (so to speak!), you can begin to consider their psychographic profile. But first things first. The essentials are:


  • Age
  • Income
  • Profession
  • Location
  • Gender


  • What activities do they engage in?
  • What are their general interests?
  • Values, behaviors, and opinions?

If you haven’t gone through this exercise already, I guarantee you’re going to gain some insight!

Keeping your target audience in site is essential. I see a lot of brokers marketing to a lot of brokers. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Brokers can collaborate, send each other referrals, and work together to make deals happen. Where it goes askew is when you are primarily and mostly marketing to other brokers on social media and elsewhere. Now that you have clearly defined your social media BAE, make sure you target them in your social media outreach and content to start seeing your ROI grow.

See my next post on how to develop content for your audience!