5 Steps to Launch A Daily Power Hour (Part 2)

A game-changer. That’s the best way to describe my daily power hour.

In my post last week, I shared with you how I instituted a daily Power Hour to take time to focus on strategizing for growth and actions that will move my business forward. In the past few weeks, this process has provided me with tremendous clarity and focus. More importantly, it has allowed me to produce sharper actions that will move my business forward  and I’m finally implementing for my business the exact actions that I recommend for my clients but just never took the time to do. My goal isn’t only to close more deals or bring on new clients, but to actually move my business forward. If you can relate and think a Power Hour might be something you’d like to try, here are 5 steps for lift-off:

  • STEP #1:  Make the commitment to yourself first

This isn’t as easy as it sounds when you have numbers to meet, clients calling, assistants beckoning, and things that need to get done…now. However, once you make the commitment to yourself, you’ll find it is much easier to keep your Power Hour in place and stick to it in the long run as you see the ROI on the time you are investing increase exponentially through results in your business. Ask yourself, “Am I committed to a daily Power Hour?” If not, see what you are willing to commit to. Is it one hour a week on Sunday evenings or Monday mornings? Great! Start with that. Set a (virtually) non-negotiable schedule in your calendar. It doesn’t matter if it is once a week, daily, or every other day. The key thing is to start with a schedule you’ll be able to keep. You can add more time to it later.

Sample Bullet Sheet
  • STEP #2: Give yourself the freedom to *think* versus *do*.

For you Type A personalities out there (the majority of you!), this could be a challenge! To get yourself out of the “doing ” mentality, just for one hour, start with a clean sheet of paper.* Remember, those? But go for a blank sheet or a bullet sheet instead of lined paper or your computer. This will encourage you to free-think while helping you avoid the temptation to respond to and send emails, or think too linearly. You’ll be surprised at how much freedom this will give you. Allow yourself to brainstorm, write random thoughts, mind-map, and think of completely absurd ideas. You’ll know you’re on the right track when you laugh out loud, or say, “Ha!” or wonder how you never saw what was right in front of you.

SIDEBAR: If you haven’t jumped on The Bullet Journal bandwagon yet, you can check it out here. Or for some simple bullet pages in a notebook, below are a few options or print out a few sheets by googling bullet sheets or dot grid paper:

 Faux Leather Cover Bullet Page Journal


Softcover Wirebound Notebook


The Hustler’s Dotted Notebook





  • STEP #3: Approach at an angle

As sales people, we’re accustomed to tackling things head on. We aim to close deals. While the nuances like relationship-building are non-linear, the process is very linear. To think outside the box, approach at an angle. Here are some thought-provokers and strategy-instigators for the expansion of your greatness and business.

  • Who are your Top 50 new prospects and how are you marketing to them?
  • How can you more efficiently leverage your time and resources?
  • How can you grow the business you get from your existing clients?
  • Is it time to pivot in some way?
  • Who is your target audience avatar and are you targeting *new* prospects at least weekly?
  • How are you staying present, visible, and relevant in the changing landscape?
  • What is your marketing strategy?
  • What are your competitors doing that you’re not?
  • What can you do that your competitors are not doing?
  • What marketing actions are you taking and which should you be taking?
  • What can you leverage to move your business forward?
  • What do you want to accomplish in the next 12 months in your business that is not transactional?


As you get into the habit of your Power Hour, I’m betting that like me, you’ll start looking forward to those 60 minutes as a way to refresh and accelerate growth and momentum.