Marketing for Commercial Real Estate Brokers Series 

ATTN CRE Brokers: 3 Action Items to Make 2019 The Year Of You

by Victoria Rossi, Founder CRE Hub & iMedia International


While most CRE brokers have a strong property marketing system in place, most tend to leave their most valuable asset for last: themselves. The first question to ask yourself this year:


How are you marketing yourself? 

Be Your Own Brand Marketing for Commercial Real Estate Brokers


I work with many CRE brokers and I know you market the roof off of your property listings and you do a stellar job at it. Often, however, marketing yourself is left for last, if at all.

Make 2019 the year of you with these three action items.


#1 Commit 

Making the commitment is sometimes the hardest bit of all. Get started by asking yourself how much time are you willing and able to set aside to commit to marketing yourself, as opposed to the property listings (for sales and leasing brokers) on your roster. Is it five hours a week or is ten? Whatever the amount of time, the most important thing is to make it non-negotiable. This time belongs to you and you only.


Calendar time to market yourself as a commercial real estate broker and leader#2 Calendarize

Whether you start the “Year of You” with an e-newsletter or a blog, set a schedule for yourself and put it in your calendar with a reminder. This will ensure that you make room in your day to focus on marketing yourself and that you’re prompted with a friendly reminder that you’ve got work to do to start setting yourself apart from the competition.


#3 Automate

Create a plan and then automate it so that you don’t have to think about it every week or month. There are several commercial platforms to consider, especially when it comes to email, that will allow you to schedule email campaigns in advance so that you can set up an effective program.

Do some research to find the right tools that fit your needs. Constant Contact and MailChimp are good tools to get you started quickly, or you can seek a turnkey solution from CRE marketing specialists such as CRE Hub.


Now, are you ready to kick off the Year of You? Get at it and let us know how it goes!


Victoria Rossi is founder of iMedia International, a public relations and digital marketing company, and CRE Hub, an outsourced marketing department for commercial real estate brokers. Follow Victoria Rossi on LinkedIn