Social Media for commercial real estate brokers series

3 Ways to Hack Your LinkedIn Presence in 2019

Social Media for Commercial Real Estate Series by Victoria Rossi, Founder CRE Hub & iMedia International


You know it. You know you should be more active on LinkedIn with daily postings and you’ve wanted to do so, but you just haven’t had time. We get it. You’re busy making things happen and sometimes your LinkedIn presence and visibility can suffer.

To make real progress, social media requires consistency and daily commitment. Here are three CRE Hub-Hacks to make your LinkedIn presence more successful in 2019. To remember them, just use the mnemonic acronym CRE.


#1 Connect

Commercial real estate broker on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is all about connecting. Start by tackling your Top 100 target list. Use your daily social media time to reach out to your top 100 prospects, 10 at a time, with invitations to connect on LinkedIn. In 10 weeks, you’ll have reached out to your Top 100!  Woohoo!

With these three CRE Hub-Hacks, you’re ready to get started on amping up your LinkedIn presence in 2019.

  • Bonus CRE Hub-Hack: Start with your past clients. Chances are, there are people you’ve done business with with whom you haven’t connected on LinkedIn.

#2 Ritualize 

Create an anchored ritual every day to check your messages. Consider a time of the day when you will have built-in downtime such as when you are waiting for your lunch or coffee, or when you get to the gym.

Many of our clients are early risers, using their 5:30 am post-breakfast time to answer emails and respond to comments on their posts, with another break at 5:00 pm to further engage, comment, and reply.  

  • Bonus CRE Hub-Hack: Schedule it into your calendar as a reminder.

Top 100 Prospects for commercial real estate brokers on LinkedIn

#3 Engage

Daily posting that is on-brand is the foundation to your social media presence, but it isn’t enough. Engagement is key to maintaining social media “street cred” and to ensuring you are getting the most out of your social media presence.

  • Bonus CRE Hub-Hack: Start with simply hitting “Like” on the comments to your posts every day and work your way up to full replies when you’ve found your social media “sweet spot” of about 10-15 minutes.

Ready to make your LinkedIn and social media visibility more consistent, on-target, and on-brand? Contact us for a consultation or learn more about our LinkedIn packages and programs here.


Victoria Rossi is founder of iMedia International, a public relations and digital marketing company, and CRE Hub, an outsourced marketing department for commercial real estate brokers. Follow Victoria Rossi on LinkedIn